Mobile Game Development Company

Raijin Games is a mobile game development company that has tremendous experience in creating top-notch 2D and 3D games for a wide variety of audiences on Android and iOS. We provide modern and technically advanced game development services creating a spotlighted and recognizable effect for the customers.

What We Provide

Steadfast Gaming Solution

We have developed games for a range of companies including startups and organizations that gained massive downloads and active players which contributes to enhancing our performance and experience.

Rich Experience

We create the games that have a lasting effect with original, creative graphics, exciting levels, and ideological elements, which all add up to make a dynamic, addictive, and fun game.

Relevant Technologies

We follow the latest trends leveraging advanced technologies, concepts, and approaches, executing creative ideas with the fun-loving game and further upgrading ourselves with technology as and when any new tech approaches.


The games we developed are designed as per the client’s requirements and also are customizable according to further necessities. Also, the various models offered by us will cooperate with the team and budget.

Agile Development Process

We follow agile game development approaches to bring our clients all reassurance and simplicity to execute and bring out results in the future, taking care of quality in all the phases of development.

Transparent Communication

We take care of the communication with the clients using the easy-to-use platforms and tools, updating all essential information about the project and trying to improve performance.

Pricing Model

Fixed Price Model

In this model, clients will bring the fixed project and have to pay a fixed price for it regardless of the time and resources used.

Time and Material Model

The requirements of the gaming solution are executed based on the time and material and have to pay accordingly for the same.

Dedicated Team

For the project, clients can prefer a dedicated team from the company fulfilling all kinds of development and design requirements.

Gaming Portfolio
Arena Wars
Battle it out against other Players in a Arcade-Style Arena Brawler like you’ve never seen it before.
Car Chase
An arcade driving game where you work as an escape driver.
Checked is an unique multiplayer math fighting game where you complete against the players worldwide by solving math equations faster.
Rally Racer
Arcade styled formula racing game. Play against real time players online or practice against smart AI’s.
Skull Crusher
Meet Skull Crusher, a new 2D auto fire action platformer filled with super-exciting arcade shooting.